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Fleet of the Damned (Sten #4) Chris Bunch

Fleet of the Damned (Sten #4)

Chris Bunch

Published December 15th 2011
Kindle Edition
318 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

More action movie in book form. This one actually ends in a cliffhanger, so its probably not meant to be read without moving soon to Revenge of the Damned. This is more of what youve been led to expect by the previous three books in the series, including the Mostly Unintelligible Scottish Sidekick whose dialogue Ive learned to skim/ignore. Sten essentially goes through three different babes in this one, with each one neatly shoved out of the way for the next, and I wish there was a lot less of that, especially since theres not that much of it in the book anyway. Just get rid of all of it! Or make it a continual tantalization, continually seeming like it might happen but never actually occurring.There are also tons of anachronisms, references to current-day Earth culture. Some of those are winked at in the writing (e.g. some old military experts Silbert and Gullivan outlining what makes a good major general), and some are just included without acknowledgment, but thats not a big change from earlier books in the series. What makes this book stand out from previous ones is Sten now in a more regular command in the Navy, fighting a losing war against an enemy we alternatingly believe to be not that big a deal and too big a deal to win against. Also, one of the authors had recently discovered and fell in love with the word anodize. I thought this may have only been a problem in the middle of the book, but one last reference was included three pages from the end as a send-off.