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Highway I-80 West John Reddie

Highway I-80 West

John Reddie

Published June 26th 2014
ISBN : 9781491737460
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 About the Book 

In 1987, Jeff Marner is thirty-one years old. Due to his drug and alcohol use, he has been fired from several trucking companies. He makes ends meet by taking jobs as a day worker, but even then, Jeff takes money from his mother to support his unhealthy habits.He gets a lucky break when he wins the lottery and buys a tractor-trailer rig of his own. Jeff meets another trucker named Ingrid Jansen. The two fall in love, and due to her influence, Jeff is finally clean.His father, a prominent artist locally, had passed some years earlier-and now his mother becomes terminally ill and dies as well. But before his mothers death, she stressed the importance of protecting his fathers work. An art dealer and the family lawyer are put in charge of the estate.Jeff accepts a lucrative cross-country hauling job, he and Ingrid couldnt be happier together, but life takes a turn for the worse when his mothers chosen art dealer and legal consultant turn out to be unscrupulous. They may be taking Jeff for a ride, and now, hes on a crash course in human greed and deceit. Hes the only one who can save his familys legacy-an assignment he never saw coming down the bumpy road of life.