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Breaking the Ice Age Myth Beata Smith

Breaking the Ice Age Myth

Beata Smith

Published September 3rd 2009
ISBN : 9781414113241
188 pages
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 About the Book 

The ice age, glaciers, extinction. For years prominent creation science ministries have promoted these as intertwined facts following the great flood of Noahs time. But is the ice age really factual? Is it both biblically and historically accurate? Or is it a perpetuated myth? What does the evidence really say? With only one venerated theory being touted, distinguishing between fact and myth can be difficult. Breaking the Ice Age Myth exposes the weaknesses of the post-flood ice age theory by exploring post-flood volcanism, precipitation, and climate change, as well as ice core records, fossils, frozen remains, caves, ancient maps, sunken cities, geologic evidence, early history, and the Bible. Supplemented with articles by creation scientist Douglas Cox and historical commentator Vern Crisler, this book challenges conventional wisdom and provides solid answers to the ice age mystery. While educating her children about climate change after the flood, Smith investigated the claims of the post-flood ice age theory. Her desire to verify scientific conclusions and teach her children with discernment resulted in this book. Breaking the Ice Age Myth sheds new light on truths that some creation scientists would rather we forget.