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Not Yours HM Fantuz

Not Yours

HM Fantuz

Published March 20th 2014
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

‘Girl meets boy. Girl gets warned off boy. Girl is stubborn. Girl dates boy. Boy screw’s girl’s best friend. For pity’s sake! I should write my own fairy tale. Here kiddies, this is the real world. None of this prince charming, make believe stuff!’Audrina Mathews is one angry ballerina. And really? Who can blame her? She walked in on her best friend and boyfriend. Now in a new town, Audrina is free to focus on her ballet at a new academy. Which means no more boys! No more distractions! Which is all good in theory until she attracts the attention from not one, but two of the local boys. Suddenly her ‘no boys, no distractions’ rule involves tequila, an ex-best friend, street parties, cop chases, and two guys, literally, fighting for her attention.