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Her House, Her Rules Layla Laguna

Her House, Her Rules

Layla Laguna

Kindle Edition
13 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Lanky eighteen year old David is spending a boring summer with his aunt and uncle down by the beach for the last break between high school and college. Well, boring except for his sexy cousin, Beth, who he spies over the household security camera in a compromising position. Little does he know his aunt Jenna has caught onto him and has a punishment in store for checking out her daughter...This is a 3000+ word story featuring an extended and explicit oral scene between a hot BBW MILF and her young houseguest.EXCERPT:She relaxed a bit. “I know better. How long have you been doing this?”“Just since, like, last week. I didn’t know you could save the videos from the security camera.”“No, I mean touching yourself in her room.”He paused again. “I don’t. I mean, how did you know?”“I just want to know why you think it’s okay to watch her while she undresses, and go through her underwear drawer and all of that sick stuff you do.”He was taken aback, a little ashamed. “I guess I just wasn’t thinking.” He’d do anything to get out of this conversation. It was getting really uncomfortable trying to justify himself to his aunt.“How would you like it if someone took advantage of you?”“I don’t know what you mean.”“How about I show you what it’s like to have someone using you without you being able to do anything about it. That sound good?”Was she crazy? “I think that would suck.”She put down the laptop and scooted off the bed. “Stand up.” He didn’t seem to hear her.“Stand. Up.” she said again, harshly. He stood up, not wanting to defy the adult. She remained sitting on the bed, and grabbed his belt buckle, loosening it with determination.